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Connecting you to the coverage that is correct for you and your employees is our specialty.

Welcome to T&T Coverage Connection LLC. Connecting you to the coverage that is correct for you and your employees is our specialty. The business name itself describes the business’ priorities T&T represent the owner’s children’s names, Tori and Todd. Family, whether it is ours or yours is the most important thing in life. Coverage is synonymous with protection. The reason we look for insurance is to protect our health, family and the things we hold dear. Connection, our job as a brokerage firm is to connect you to the coverage that is correct for you and your biggest asset: your employees.

Today’s world of employee benefits is complex. Many business owners and human resource personnel find themselves wearing several hats. They need to be able to rely on professional help to keep abreast on not only their benefits package, but also with the many compliance requirements that have increased since the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

We believe in being an extended part of your business. We explore your goals, budget, networks, expectations as well as carrier underwriting requirements for a benefits package that meets your specific needs. After walking through the installation process, we provide year round service should any billing, claim or fluctuation of staff occur. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to any issue and we see it through until it is resolved.

We value our clients and the trust they put in us, in turn it is our goal to provide the best service available. We believe people do business with people they know, like and trust. If we don’t know you we would like to take the time to know you. We promise you will find us to be compassionate, hard-working and understanding with an incredible amount of integrity to earn your trust.

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Areas of Service

Group Options

Group options are employer sponsored benefit plans.  These options can be fully or partial paid for by the employer.  The most commonly offered benefit by employers is medical insurance, followed by dental, vision, disability and life insurance as well as retirement options.

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VOLUNTARY benefits

Like group options, these plans are sponsored by the employer, however they can be partially or fully paid for by the employee.  When offered through an employer the benefits and premiums are more attractive than privately purchasing them.

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Hr Services

We here at T&T Coverage Connection LLC want to be an extension of your human resource staff.  We work with employers who have both a HR department as well as those who do not have one designated employee to handle the ever changing world of employee benefits.

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